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'''''Basil''''' may refer to any of the following saints:
*'''[[Basil the Great]]''', Bishop of Caesarea in Cappadocia ([[January 1]])
*'''[[Basil of Ancyra]]''', Bishop of Ancyra and 4th century martyr ([[January 2]])
*Memory of St. Basil the Great's family ([[January 8]])
*St. Basil, or St. Eustratios the Wonderworker ([[January 9]])
*Miracle of St. Basil the Great ([[January 19]])
*Basil the Confessor, Archbishop of Thessaloniki ([[February 1]])
*'''[[Basil the Confessor]]''', Bishop of Parium ([[February 28]] and [[April 12]])
*Basil the Martyr ([[February 6]])
*Basil the Martyr ([[March 14]])
*Basil Priest-Martyr ([[March 22]])
*Basil the Young ([[March 26]])
*'''[[Basil of Ostrog]]''', Metropolitan of Zahumlje and Herzegovina (1639-1671) ([[April 29]]) - (Serbian, Saint Vasilije)
*Basil the Martyr ([[June 17]])
*Basil, Bishop of Patelarias ([[June 22]])
*Basil ([[July 1]])
*Basil the Martyr ([[July 6]])
*'''[[Basil and Theodore|Basil of the Kiev Caves]]''' ([[August 11]])
*Basil ([[August 16]])
*'''[[Basil the Blessed]]''', the Fool-for-Christ (Russian) ([[August 2]])
*Basil the Macedonian Emperor ([[August 29]])
*Basil, Bishop of Trebizond ([[October 20]]), ruled from 1332.
*Basil the Martyr ([[October 25]])
*Basil the Martyr ([[October 26]])
*Basil the Martyr ([[October 28]])
*Basil ([[November 18]])
*Basil the Martyr ([[November 28]])
*Basil the deacon ([[November 28]])
*Basil ([[December 15]])
*Basil of the 300 Alamanous Cyprian martyrs and Bishop No commemoration
''Basil'' may also refer to several modern bishops:
*Basil I the Macedonian, Byzantine E. (811-886, ruled from 867)
*Basil II Bulgaroktonus, Byzantine E. (958-1025, ruled from 976)
''Basil'' may also refer to several modern bishops:
*[[Basil (Essey) of Wichita]] (1948-Present)
*[[Basil (Osborne) of Amphipolis]] (unknown-Present)
*[[Basil (Rodzianko) of San Francisco]] (1915-1999)
*''[[w:Basil|Basil]]'' is also the name of plan used in certain Orthodox services.

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