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Metropolitan Basilio (Grillo Miceli) is an Italian Orthodox bishop who claims the title of Metropolitan of Ravenna, L'Aquila and Italy.


Metr. Basilio was born on July 18, 1937 in Vittoria (near Ragusa, Sicily). In 1981 he was ordained a priest in the Russian Orthodox Church. In 1995 he became bishop of Ostia under the Autonomous Orthodox Church of Milan, Western Europe and Canada - Ukrainian Orthodox Church – Kyiv Patriarchate. In 1996 he became Archbishop of Ostia.

In 2008 he joined the Orthodox Church in Italy, as vicar of Metropolitan Antonio as Archbishop of Florence. After Metropolitan Antonio's death, the Bulgarian Alternative Synod refused to recognize him as Primate but Metropolitan Basilio of Ravenna continues to rule the Orthodox Church in Italy. His Synod has two bishops