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In 1989, Archbishop Evloghios ([[Holy Synod of Milan]] was in '''full communion with Metropolitan Mstislav'''[http://mediolanum.me/canada/] Primate of the UOC -USA then with the [[Ukrainian Orthodox Church – Kyiv Patriarchate]]. The full communion with the Ukrainian Orthodox Church-KP, ceased at the end of 2006. In february 1997, the Dynod headed by Filaret Denisenko formalized the break of the communion - These events occurred prior to the condemnation of Moscow against former Patriarch Filaret.
# Redirect [[Holy Synod of Milan]]
The title reconfermed by the Holy [[Patriarch Volodymir]] throught a new [Tomos of Autonomy][http://mediolanum.me/canada/] (1994) is: '''Archbishop of Milan and Longobardy - Metropolitan of Aquileia, Western Europe and Canada'''

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