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{{August 25}}
{{August 25}}
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Apostle Titus of the Seventy

Apostle Titus of the Seventy, Bishop of Crete; Saints Barses and Eulogius, Bishops of Edessa, and Saint Protogenes, Bishop of Carrhae, confessors; Saint Menas, Patriarch of Constantinople; Saint John the Cappadocian and Saint Epiphanius, Patriarchs of Constantinople; New Hieromartyr Vladimir (Moschanskii) of Tver; Bishop Gortyne of Crete, disciple of the Apostle Paul; Saint John of Carpathia; Martyr Genesios the actor, of Rome; Martyr Genesios of Arles; Saint Ebba I, Abbess of Coldingham; return of the relics of Apostle Bartholomew from Anastasiopolis to Lipari. Other events: repose of Abbess Magdalena of Sevsk Convent and Monk Benjamin of Valaam