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{{August 22}}
{{August 22}}
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The Dormition of the Theotokos

Afterfeast of the Dormition; Martyr Agathonikos of Nicomedia and his companions: Martyrs Zoticus, Theoprepius, Acindynus, Severian, Zeno, and others who suffered under Maximian; Virgin-Martyr Eulalia of Barcelona and Martyr Felix of Spain; Hieromartyr Athanasius, Bishop of Tarsus in Cilicia, the Nun Anthusa, and her servants Martyrs Charesimus and Neophytus; Saint Bogolep of St. Paisius of Uglich Monastery; New-Martyrs Bishop Ephraim of Selenginsk and Priest John Vostorgov; Martyrs Deacon Irenaeus, Or, and Oropsus; New-Martyr Gorazd of Prague, Bohemia, and Moravo-Cilezsk; New-Martyr Isaaky of Optina; Martyr Timothy of Rome; Saint Arnulf, Hermit of Eynesbury, Cambridgeshire