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{{August 2}}
{{August 2}}
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Our Holy Lady Theotokos

Blessed Basil of Moscow, Fool-for-Christ and Wonder-worker; Blessed Basil of Kubensk; Hieromartyr Stephen, Pope of Rome, and those martyred with him; Saint Marco of Belavinsk (Vologda); Saint Friardus of Vindumitta (Gaul); Martyr Phocas; Venerable Photini; New-Martyr Theodore of Dardanelles; Saint Etheldritha, Hermitess of Crowland; Saint Plegmund, Archbishop of Canterbury; translation of the relics of Protomartyr and Archdeacon Stephen; translation (or finding) of the relics of Righteous Nicodemus, Gamaliel, and Abibus; translation of the relics of Martyrs Maximus, Dada, and Quinctilian at Dorostulum in Bulgaria