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Mother of God Assuage My Sorrows icon

Assuage My Sorrows is the name of a wonderworking icon known as the Mother of God, Assuage My Sorrows treasured in the St. Nicholas Odrino Monastery in the Orel Diocese, Karachev district. This icon is commemorated January 25 (February 8 by the NC) and on October 9.


Until 1784, this icon belonged to Count Nicholas Borisovitch Samoilov, who regarded it as a holy icon. At first, it was at the Count's home in Moscow, where it was renowned for many miraculous healings. Later, N.B. Samoilov moved it to his estate adjoining the St Nicholas Odrino Monastery. He constructed, at his own expense, a heated chapel in honor of the "Assuage My Sorrows" Icon as part of the St Nicholas katholikon (main church).The Count later donated the icon to the monastery.