Artemius of Verkola

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The holy saint Artemius of Verkola (or Verkolsk) the Righteous Child Wonder-worker lived in Russia in the 16th century. He was only 12 years of age when he was struck dead by lightning. His feast day is celebrated on the date of his repose, June 23, as well as on October 20.

Because St. Artemius was killed by lightning, people at first believed this was God's judgment upon him. "Some years later, the village reader beheld a light over the place where the incorrupt body of the Righteous Artemius lay." [1] His relics were taken to the church of St. Nicholas in 1577, where they performed numerous healings. In 1918, Soviets desecrated his relics and threw them into a well.


Troparion [2]

By the command of the Most High, the sky was darkened with rain clouds,
lightning flashed, threat'ning thunder clashed,
and you gave up your soul into the hands of the Lord, O Artemius most wise.
Now as you stand before the Throne of the Lord of All,
you grant healing unfailingly to those who come to you with faith and love,
and you pray to Christ our God that our souls may be saved.