Artemius of Alexandria

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Artemius of Alexandria was the Patriarch of Alexandria of the Church of Alexandria from 1845 to 1847.


Little is known of the early life of Patr. Artemius. His dates of birth and repose are unknown. He was respected and experienced. The Holy Synod of the Church of Constantinople elected Artemius to the see of Alexandria over the objections of the Hellenic Community of Alexandria, although he had recommended Archimandrite Hierotheus for the Patriarchal Throne.

His patriarchate was one of internal upheaval as neither the clergy nor people accepted Artemius as Patriarch of Alexandria. This hostility finally led him to resign on January 30, 1847.

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Artemius of Alexandria
Preceded by:
Hierotheus I
Patriarch of Alexandria
Succeeded by:
Hierotheus II
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