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title=[[List of Patriarchs of Alexandria|Patriarch of Alexandria]]|
title=[[List of Patriarchs of Alexandria|Patriarch of Alexandria]]|
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after=[[Theophilus I of Alexandria|Theophilus I]]}}
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Arsenius of Alexandria was the patriarch of Alexandria from 1000 to 1010.

During the mid part of his patriarchate, about 1006, Patr. Arsenius was left as administrator of the Church of Jerusalem when Patr. Orestus of Jerusalem had to travel to Constantinople. At the time Patr. Orestus departed, a controversy had been ongoing among the Christians of Palestine concerning the establishment of a unified celebration of Pascha that Patr. Orestus had not settled. When the Egyptian Christians reached an agreement, the Palestinian Christians would not approve it. Finally, Patr. Arsenius firmly established the terms of the unified celebration. 

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Arsenius of Alexandria
Preceded by:
Elias I
Patriarch of Alexandria
Succeeded by:
Theophilus I
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