Arsenius I (Sremac) of Pec

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Saint Arsenije Sremac (in Serbian Свети Арсеније Сремац) was second serbian Archibishop (1233-1263) (died 1266) and disciple of Saint Sava.

Early life

Saint arsenije was born in Srem in vilage Dabar near Slankamen. Exact date of his birth is unknown. He took monastic vows probabley in St. Demetrius Monastery in todays Sremska Mitrovica. When he heard for Saint Sava's work, he was impresed and left for Žiča. He soon became St. Sava's diciple and his syncellos. He was apointed as eclesiarch of monastery and later Archimandrite of Žiča, because of his religious life.


When St. Sava decided to abdicate, he decided that Arsenije will succed him. Arsenije was consecrated bishop. He was capable to procede greate work of his predcessoor. He bult Peć monastery. He participed in translation of St. Sava's sacred bons from Trnovo to Mileševa. St. Arsenije coronated King Stefan Uroš I. He was helping to King Stefan Uroš I and quin Saint Jelena in building of monasteries Sopoćani and Gradac.

He suffered stroke 1263 . He is succeded by Saint Sava II, nephew of Saint Sava. Arsenije died October 28 1266.

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Arsenius I (Sremac) of Pec
Preceded by:
St. Sava I
Archbishop of Serbia
Succeeded by:
St. Sava II
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