Archdiocese of Hermopolis

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The Holy Archdiocese of Hermopolis and Egypt Primum is an archdiocese under the jurisdiction of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria and All Africa.

The ancient see of Hermopolis was reestablished in place of the supressed Archdiocese of Memphis on December 15, 1927, with the future Patriarch Nicholas V (1936–1939) as its founding archbishop.

Ruling bishops

Ancient bishops
  • Ammon (fl. 325)
  • Dracontios (fl. 360)
  • Isidoros (fl. 381)
  • Dioscoros (fl. 390)
  • Isaiah (fl. 451)
  • Gennadios (fl. 470)

(suppressed in the 7th century following the Islamic conquest of Egypt)

Modern bishops


  • Paul (Menas) 1968–1995

(lost territory to reestablish the Archdiocese of Memphis)