Archdiocese of Canada (Greek)

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Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Toronto (Canada)
Jurisdiction Constantinople
Diocese type Metropolis
Founded 1921
Current bishop Metr. Abp. Sotirios
See(s) Toronto
Headquarters Toronto, Ontario
Territory Canada
Liturgical language(s) Greek, English, French
Musical tradition Byzantine Chant
Calendar Revised Julian
Population estimate ~350,000
Official website Greek Metropolis

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Recent History


The Episcopacy

  • Metropolitan Archbishop Sotirios (Athanassoulas) of Toronto (1974 - present)
  • Bishop Christoforos (Rakintzakis) of Andida (1998 - present)
  • Bishop Theodosios of Ancona (1967 - 1973)
  • Bishop Timothy of Rodostolou (1963 - 1967)
  • Metropolitan Athenagoras of Elaia (1960 - 1963)

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