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{{April 9}}
{{April 9}}
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New martyrs Raphael, Nicholas and Irene

Martyrs Fortunatus, Donatus, twelve virgins, and six laymen, at Sirmium (304); Martyr Eupsychius of Caesarea in Cappadocia (362); Hieromartyrs Desan the Bishop; the Priest Mariabus; and Martyrs Abdiesus and 270 others, in Persia (362) Venerable Hieromartyr Bademus (Vadim), Archimandrite, of Persia, and 7 disciples (379); Venerable Acacius of Amida, Bishop of Amida in Mesopotamia (5th century); Martyrs of Pannonia, seven virgin-martyrs in Sirmium in Pannonia; Martyrs of North-West Africa, a group of Christians martyred in Masyla; Saint Marcellus, Bishop of Die, celebrated for miracles (474); Saint Materiana of Cornwall (Madrun), a saint from Wales or Cornwall to whom some Welsh churches are dedicated (5th century) Saint Dotto, Abbot of a monastery in the Orkney Islands off the coast of Scotland (6th century); Saint Waltrude (Woutruide, Waldetrudis, Vaudru), monastic foundress at Bergen (Netherlands), renowned for holiness of life and miracles (688); Saint Hugh of Rouen (Hugh of Champagne), Bishop of Rouen and then of Paris, and was also Abbot of Fontenelle and Jumièges (730); Saint Hedda and Companions, Abbot of Peterborough in England, martyred by the Danes (869); Saint Theodore and Companions, Abbot of Crowland in England, martyred by the Danes (869); Saint Casilda of Toledo, an anchoress near Briviesca near Burgos (1050); Newly Revealed Martyrs Raphael (Archimandrite), Nicholas (Deacon), and Irene (child), of Lesbos, and those with them (1463); New Martyr Gabriel Fomin (1942); Other Commemorations: Translation of the holy relics of Saint Monica of Tagaste to Rome.