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{{April 6}}
{{April 6}}
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Eutychius of Constantinople

Saint Eutychius, Patriarch of Constantinople; Saint Methodius, Equal-to-the-Apostles, Archbishop of Moravia, and Enlightener of the Slavs; 120 Martyrs of Persia; Saint Platonida (Platonis) of Nisibis, Syria; Martyrs Jeremiah and Archilias the presbyter; Venerable Gregory the Byzantine, of St. Athanasius' Monastery on Mount Athos, instructor of St. Gregory Palamas; Saint Gregory the Sinaite; Monkmartyr Gennadius of Dionysiou on Mount Athos; Martyrs of Samothrace; Saint Elstan, Bishop of Ramsbury; two martyrs of Askalon; Saint Brychan, Prince of Brecon; repose of Elder Mardarius of Nizhni-Novgorod Caves Monastery