April 4

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St. Zosimas
St. Joseph the Hymnographer
Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos "The Life-giving Spring"

Martyrs Agathopodes, a Deacon, and Theodulus, a Lector, at Thessalonica, under Maximian (c. 286-305) (see also April 5); Virgin-martyr Pherbutha (Phermoutha, Ferfouthe) of Persia, with her sister and her servants (343); Venerable George of Mount Maleon (Malevon) in Laconia, monk, in the Peloponnese (5th-6th centuries); Venerable Publius the Egyptian (Poplios) (see also April 5); Venerable Zosimas of Palestine, Hieromonk (c. 560); Venerable Saints Theonas, Symeon, and Fervinus (Phorbinus) of Egypt (see also April 5); Venerable Platon the Studite (Plato of Sakkoudion), Abbot of the Studion and Confessor (812) (see also April 5); Venerable Joseph the Hymnographer, of Sicily (883) (see also April 3); Saint Guier, a priest and hermit in Cornwall; Saint Gwerir, a hermit near Liskeard in Cornwall, at whose grave King Alfred was healed of a serious illness; Saint Tigernach of Clones (Tigernake, Tierney, Tierry), Abbot of Clones, succeeded St Macartin as Bishop at Clogher in Ireland (549); Saint Isidore of Seville, Bishop of Seville (636); Saint Hildebert, Abbot of St Peter in Ghent in Belgium, martyred by fanatics for defending the veneration of icons (752); Venerable Joseph the Much-ailing, of the Kiev Caves Monastery (14th century); Venerable James, monk of Starotorzhok (Old Torzhok) in Galich, Kostroma (15th-16th centuries); Venerable Theonas, Metropolitan of Thessaloniki (1541); Venerable Zosimas, founder and abbot of the Annunciation Monastery at Lake Vorbozoma (Vorbosomsk) (1550); New Hieromartyr Nicetas the Albanian, of Mount Athos and Serres (1808); Venerable Elias of Makeevka, Schemamonk, of Makeyevka, Ukraine (1949); New Hieromartyr Benjamin (Kononov), Archimandrite, of Solovki Monastery (1928); New Hieromartyr Nicephorus (Kuchin), Hieromonk, of Solovki Monastery (1928); New Hieromartyr Nicholas (Karaulov), Bishop of Velsk (1932); New Nun-martyr Maria (Lelyanova) of Gatchina (1932); New Hieromartyr John Vechorko, Priest (1933); Martyr John Kolesnikov (1943); Other Commemorations: Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos "The Life-giving Spring" (450) (see also Bright Friday); Thé Akathist Hymn (Chairetismoi, Salutations) to the Virgin Mary (626); Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos "Gerontissa" ("Eldress"), at Pantokratoros monastery, Mount Athos; The Icon of the Mother of God "Deliverer" ("Deliveress") (1841, 1889) (see also October 17); Repose of Elder Savvas of Little St. Anne’s Skete, Mt. Athos (1908); Repose of Archimandrite John (Maitland Moir) of Edinburgh, Scotland (April 17, 2013).