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{{April 23}}
{{April 23}}
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George the Trophy-bearer

Great-martyr George, Victory-bearer (or Trophy-bearer) and Wonder-worker; Martyrs Anatolius and Protoleon, soldiers converted by witnessing the martyrdom of Saint George; Martyr Alexandra the Empress (see also April 21); Martyrs Glycerius, Athanasius the Magician, Valerius, Donatus, and Therinus at Nicomedia; Blessed George of Shenkursk, Fool-for-Christ; New-Martyr George of Ptolomais; New-Martyr Lazarus of Bulgaria who suffered at Pergamus; New-Martyr Priest Egor (George) of the Spas-Chekriak village; Saint Myrtidiotissa of Kleisoura; Saint Ethelbert, King of Wessex; Saint Ethelred, King of England; Hieromartyr Adalbert, Bishop of Prague