April 2

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St. Abundius of Como

Martyrs Amphianus (Apphianus) and his brother Aedesius, of Patara, Lycia (306); Virgin-martyr Theodora of Palestine (Theodosia of Tyre) (308) (see also April 3)' Martyr Polycarp of Alexandria (4th century); Venerable Stephen the Wonderworker, in Ascalon, Palestine (778); Venerable Titus the Wonderworker (9th century); Saint George of Atsquri, Georgia (9th-10th centuries); Saint Urban of Langres, sixth Bishop of Langres in France, patron-saint of vine dressers (c. 390); Saint Abundius, of Greek origin, he became Bishop of Como in the north of Italy (469); Saint Victor of Capua, Bishop of Capua in the south of Italy and a Church writer (554); Saint Nicetius of Lyon (Nizier), in Gaul (573); Saint Brónach (Bromana), called the Virgin of Glen-Seichis, now Kilbronach in Ireland; Saint Musa, a child in Rome who was granted visions, mentioned by her contemporary by St Gregory the Great (6th century); Saints Lonochilus (Longis, Lenogisil), priest who founded a monastery in Maine in France (653), and Agnofleda, a holy virgin (638); Venerable Virgin-martyr Æbbe the Younger of Coldingham, Abbess of Coldingham Priory in south-east Scotland (870); Saint Constantín mac Cináeda (Constantine I), King of Scotland, slain in a battle against heathen invaders of his country and honoured as a martyr, buried at Iona (877); Saint Rufus, a hermit at Glendalough in Ireland; Saint Drogo, a monk at Fleury-sur-Loire in France and afterwards at Baume-les-Messieurs (10th century); Saint Sabbas, Archbishop of Sourozh, Crimea (11th century); Venerable Gregory, ascetic of Nicomedia (1240).