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[[Category:Archbishops of Athens|Narcissus]]
[[Category:Archbishops of Athens|Narcissus]]
[[Category:Seventy Apostles]]
[[Category:1st-century bishops|Narcissus]]
[[Category:Seventy Apostles|Narcissus]]
[[Category:Ante-Nicene Saints|Narcissus]]
[[Category:1st-century saints]]
[[ro:Apostolul Narcis]]
[[ro:Apostolul Narcis]]

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The holy, glorious, all-laudable Apostle Narcissus is numbered among the Seventy Apostles. Along with the Apostles Urban, Stachys, Amplias, Apelles and Aristobulus he assisted the Apostle Andrew. The Apostle Philip ordained St. Narcissus bishop of Athens. His feast day is October 31.


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Apostle Narcissus
Preceded by:
St. Dionysius
Archbishop of Athens
Succeeded by:
St. Publius
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