Apostle Hermas

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Scriptural Reference(s): Romans 16:14

St. Hermas was one of the Seventy Apostles and was Bishop in Philipopoulis. He was wealthy, but fell into poverty because of sin and the sins of his sons. He was thus visited by an angel of repentence, who stayed with him until the end of his life, during which time he wrote 'The Shepherd of Hermas', a widely work in the early Church, detailing the teachings the angel gave him and focussing on repentence:

  • believe in God
  • live in simplicity and innocence; do not speak evil; give alms to all who beg
  • love truth and avoid falsehood
  • preserve chastity in your thoughts
  • learn patience and generosity
  • know that a good and an evil spirit attend every man*
  • fear God and not the devil
  • perfom every good act, and refrain from every evil deed
  • pray to God from the dpth of your soul with faith that your prayers will be fulfilled
  • guard against melancholy, the sister of doubt and anger
  • test true and false spirits
  • guard against every evil desire

He ended his life as a martyr.