Antoninus (Pokrovsky) of Alaska

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His Eminence, the Most Reverend Antoninus (Pokrovsky) of Alaska was Bishop of Alaska of the Metropolia in the early 1930s before transferring his allegiance to the Church of Russia as Archbishop of Washington.


Archimandrite Antoninus was received in the United States from Jerusalem in 1923 by Metropolitan Platon and assigned as the priest to a parish in Vancouver, Canada. In 1931, he was consecrated a bishop by Bishops Theophilius (Pashkovsky), Alexis (Panteleev), and Paul (Gavrilov). After his consecration he was assigned by Metr. Platon as Bishop of Alaska.

In 1934 after the death of Metr. Platon, Bp. Antoninus decided to transfer to the Exarchate of the Moscow Patriarchate, under which he was assigned as Bishop of Washington. After his transfer, he moved to San Francisco where, with Father Peter Kotlyarov, he established St. Nicholas Cathedral. Soon after he was elevated to archbishop.

During the following years Abp. Antoninus traveled to Alaska. On his second trip, the boat on which he traveled encountered a serious storm that caused a shipwreck. He was thrown onto a deserted island. He survived lack of food and frostbite for thirteen days before an Aleut hunter found him.

Abp. Antoninus reposed on May 2, 1939 in Calistoga, California.

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Antoninus (Pokrovsky) of Alaska
Preceded by:
Amphilochius (Vakulsky)
Bishop of Alaska (Metropolia)
Succeeded by:
Alexis (Panteleyev)
Preceded by:
Archbishop of Washington
(Moscow Patriarchate)

Succeeded by:
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