Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese of the British Isles and Ireland

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The Deanery has, of 17th October 2013, been transformed into the "Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese of the British Isles and Ireland" by decree of the Holy Synod of Antioch which has also created two further archdioceses ... for France and southern / western Europe and Germany with Central Europe. Sweden and Scandinavia will have its own Vicariate. A Metropolitan Archbishop for the British Isles and Ireland will be appointed, most probably in 2014. The Deanery Trust (including the bank account) and the Dean (Archpriest Gregory Hallam) will continue for the time being. A Patriarchal Vicar Bishop will be appointed soon after 18th October 2013 to oversee the transition.

Parishes and Communities


St Edward, King and Passion-bearer
Fr. David Harris

Audley and Dresden

St Michael the Archangel
Fr. Samuel Carter


St Ignatios the God-bearer of Antioch
Fr Irenaeus du Plessis
Fr. Paul Totten

Also provides pastoral care for Armagh, Ballydehob and the Isle of Man

Bournemouth and Poole

St Dunstan
Fr Chrysostom MacDonnell


St Helen
Fr Alexander Haig

Also provides pastoral care for Basildon and Clacton-on-Sea


St Columba and St Kentigern
Fr George Evans
Fr David Senitt


Holy Trinity
Fr David Lonergan
Dcn John Hickey

Also provides pastoral care for Cork


Holy Cross
Fr Jonathan Hemmings


All Saints of Lincolnshire
Fr Philip Hall
Fr George Hackney
Dcn Paulinus Heggs

London (City)

at St. Botolph's in the City of London
Fr Alexander Tefft

London (Cathedral)

St George's Cathedral
Fr Samir Gholam
Dcn Naim El-Hage


St Aethelheard
Fr Michael Harry

Also provides pastoral care for Grimsby


St Aidan
Fr Gregory Hallam
Fr Christopher Neill
Dcn Emmanuel Kahn


St. Fursey
Fr Stephen Weston


St Constantine
Fr Aethelwine Richards
Fr Peter Ford
Dcn Michael Alexander

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