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The Right Reverend Archimandrite Anthony Woolf was the rector of St George Antiochian Orthodox Church Redfern, NSW, from his arrival in Australia from the US on 6 April 1957 until his repose at Cairo en route to Damascus in April 1961.

Fr Anthony was also Patriarchal Exarch to Australia.

He was described as ' very popular with young people because [with him] they understood what was happening. Most of all he would take them out on trips, such as to Luna Park. When he came to visit, [families] felt proud of themselves because he parked his big American car outside. He would sit with all the children in the kitchen.'

Under his guidance the Antiochian Orthodox Church in Australia was active in the Australian Council of Churches.

' Father Anthony left for Damascus for a trip on 12 February 1961 and died en route at Cairo in April 1961.' ("St George Cathedral and its People", 2004, p40)

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Anthony (Woolf)
Preceded by:
Fr Malatius Hussney (1953-56)
Exarch of Australia
(Church of Antioch)

Succeeded by:
Fr Anthony Chidiac (1961-1962)
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