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Anthimus of Jerusalem

His Beatitude, Anthimus of Jerusalem was the Patriarch of the Church of Jerusalem from 1788 to 1808.


Patr. Anthimus was born in Antiocheia during the year 1717. Little is known of his life. As Bishop Anthimos of Skythoupoleios, he participated with Archbishops Jeremiah and Jacob Lyda Strip in the consecration of Procopius as Bishop of Caesarea on December 12, 1775.

When Bp. Procopius was installed as the Patriarch of Jerusalem on November 2, 1787, he was of advanced age and soon began planning the timely election of his successor. As his successor, he proposed Bp. Anthimus. After Bp. Anthimus accepted the proposal, Patr. Procopius resigned as patriarch on October 24, 1788. Bp. Anthimus was then elected and installed as Patriarch of Jerusalem a month later.

During his patriarchate, Patr. Anthimus continued the efforts of Patr. Procopius to improve the state of the patriarchate and combat Latin propaganda. He also defended Orthodox relations with the Ottoman Empire against charges by Adamántios Koraïs, a Greek humanist scholar, of the willingness of the Orthodox hierarchy to identify its interests with those of the Ottoman authorities, to which Patr. Anthimus argued in 1798 that the Ottoman Empire was part of the divine dispensation granted by God to protect Orthodoxy from the taint of Roman Catholicism and of Western secularism and irreligion.[1]

Patr. Anthimus reposed on October 11, 1808 in Constantinople.


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