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:<small> See Main Article: </small> '''The Holy [[Archdiocese of Zimbabwe]]'''
The Holy [[Archdiocese of Zimbabwe]] includes in its jurisdiction the countries of [[Zimbabwe]], [[Angola]], [[Malawi]] and [[Botswana]]. Since 2004, the [[primate]] of the Metropolis has been His Eminence [[George (Vladimirou) of Zimbabwe|George (Vladimirou)]].  [[Archimandrite]] Chrysostomos Polizos is [[auxiliary bishop|vicar]] of the [[Metropolitan]] for Angola and [[Botswana]].
The [[parish]] of ''St. Eleftherios & Venerable Paisios of [[Mount Athos|Mt. Athos]]'' has been established in Luanda.  The parish has a functioning council and the church building is under construction.
==External links==
* [http://www.greekorthodox-zimbabwe.org/angola.htm Web page of the Metropolis of Zimbabwe]

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