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Andrei A. Orlov is a scholar of Eastern Christian and Jewish mysticism and an Associate Professor of Theology at Marquette University, USA. Along with Fr. Alexander Golitzin he is a co-founder of the Theophaneia School. The Theophaneia School, whose research objective is the recovery of the theophanic language of eastern Christian tradition, came into existence in the late nineties by the efforts of the Eastern Orthodox doctoral students and professors at the theology department of Marquette University in Milwaukee, USA.



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Edited Volumes

  • L’église des deux Alliances: Mémorial Annie Jaubert (1912–1980) (eds. B. Lourié, A. Orlov, M. Petit; 2nd edition; Orientalia Judaica Christiana, 1; Gorgias, 2008) ISBN 1-59333-083-9.
  • The Theophaneia School: Jewish Roots of Eastern Christian Mysticism (Scrinium III; eds. B. Lourie and A. Orlov; Gorgias, 2009) ISBN 1-60724-083-1.
  • Symbola Caelestis: Le symbolisme liturgique et paraliturgique dans le monde chrétien (Scrinium V; eds. A. Orlov and B. Lourie, Gorgias, 2009) ISBN 978-1-60724-665-7.


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