Anatolius (Aksyonov) of Kostanai

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His Grace Bishop Anatolius (Aksenov) of Kostanai and Petropavlovsk is the ruling bishop of the Eparchy of Kostanai, which is one of the constituent dioceses of the Russian Orthodox Church's Metropolia of Kazakhstan.


Bishop Anatolius was born Vladimir Aleksandrovich Aksenov on 22 November 1958 in Pereslavl-Zalesk, USSR. In 1981 he entered the Moscow Theological Seminary and in 1985 the Moscow Theological Academy, graduating in 1989. In the meantime he was tonsured in June 1987 and subsequently ordained to the deaconate and priesthood. In 1990 Fr. Anatolius was elevated to the rank of igumen and in 1995 to the rank of archimandrite.

On 15 February 1998 Fr. Anatolius was consecrated Bishop of Pereslavl-Zaleski and made an auxiliary of the Eparchy of Yaroslavl. In December 1998 he was transferred to the Russian Far East and in October 2000 made auxiliary Bishop of Yalutorovsk of the Eparchy of Tobolsk. On 6 October 2010 the Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church elected Bishop Anatolius as the first ruling bishop of the new Eparchy of Kostanai.

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