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Our father among the saints '''Anastasius I of Antioch''' (also ''Athanasios'') was the [[List of Patriarchs of Antioch|Bishop of Antioch]].  He is also known as '''Anastasius the Sinaite''', an appellation which is shared by another saint who lived later; they share a [[feast day]] of [[April 20]].
St. Anastasius was elected to the [[see]] of Antioch while [[Justinian]] was emperor.  When Justinian became a follower of the [[heresy]] of [[Docetism]], Anastasius and [[Eutychius of Constantinople|Eutychius]], [[Patriarch of Constantinople]], opposed him.  Justinian's successor, [[Justin II|Justin]], banished St. Anastasius.
St. [[Gregory the Great]] restored Anastasius to the see of Antioch after 23 years, in the reign of [[Maurice (emperor)|Maurice]].  St. Anastasius died in 599.
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