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The Blessed Anastasius II of Antioch, also known as Anastasius the Younger and Anastasius the Sinaite an appellation he shares with Anastasius I of Antioch, was the Patriarch of Antioch from 599 to 610.

St. Anastasius succeeded his namesake in 599 and was noted for his fight against simony in the patriarchate. He also supported the emperor Phocas in Phocas' efforts against the Monophysites and Jews. Anastasius was killed during the uprisings in Syria when Heraclius led his revolt against emperor Phocas in 610.

Having died in anti-Church violence, Anastasius is considered a martyr. He is commemorated on April 20, sharing the same day as Anastasius I.

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Anastasius II of Antioch
Preceded by:
Anastasius the Sinaite
Patriarch of Antioch
Succeeded by:
Gregory II
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