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[[Image:Amvrosiy.jpg|thumb|200px|Saint Ambrose of Optina]]
Our venerable father '''Ambrose of Optina''' (Russian: преподобный Амвросий Оптинский; properly '''Aleksandr Mikhaylovich Grenkov''' - Александр Михайлович Гренков, [[December 5]], 1812, Bolshaya Lipovitsa settlement, Tambov guberniya—[[October 23]], 1891) was a ''[[starets]]'' and a [[celibacy|celibate]] [[schema]] priest (''iyeroskhimonakh''), [[canonization|canonized]] in 1988 by the Local Council of the Russian Orthodox Church.
Aleksandr was born in the family of [[sexton]] Mikhail Fyodorovich Grenkov and Marfa Nikolayevna Grenkova. At the age of 12 Aleksandr entered the Tambov clerical school and later the Tambov theological seminary. Then he became a teacher in the Lipetsk clerical school and in 1839 entered the [[Vvedensk Monastery]] of the [[Optina Monastery]] in Kaluga guberniya. A few years later, he was [[ordination|ordained]] a [[hierodeacon]], taking the name ''Ambrose'' in honor of Saint [[Ambrose of Milan]]. Two years later Ambrose became a celibate monk. When Reverend Macarius died in September of 1860, Ambrose became a superior of the monastery.
Ambrose died in the Shamordinskaya cloister and was buried in the Optina desert. His [[relics]] were placed in the Vvedensk Monastery.
*"One should live unhypocritically and behave exemplarily, then our cause will be right, otherwise bad" (Russian: «Нужно жить нелицемерно и вести себя примерно, тогда дело наше будет верно, а иначе будет скверно»)
*"live and do not grieve, condemn no one and bother no one, and  best regards to all" («Жить - не тужить, никого не осуждать, никому не досаждать, и всем мое почтение»)
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