Ambrose (Podobedov) of St. Petersburg

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Metropolitan Amvrosy (Podobedov) of St. Petersburg was the ruling hierarch of the Eparchy of St. Petersburg of the Church of Russia from 1799 to 1818. A brilliant preacher, Metr. Amvrosy placed emphasis on strengthening the moral and educational levels of the clergy.


Andrei Ivanovich Podobedov (Андрей Иванович Подобедов) was born in 1742. Little is known of his childhood. He began a theological education early, while still in his early teens. In 1757, Andrei Ivanovich began studies at the seminary at the Holy Trinity-St. Sergius Lavra near Moscow. He graduated in 1764 and remained at the seminary for several years teaching. While at the seminary, Andrei Ivanovich entered the Holy Orders.

In 1768, he accepted a tonsure as a monk with the name Amvrosy. After his tonsure, Fr. Amvrosy accepted a position at the Slavic Greek Latin Academy in Moscow. In 1774, he was appointed rector of the academy that would become the Moscow Theological Academy and Seminary in the nineteenth century.

In 1778, Fr. Amvrosy was consecrated the Bishop of Sevsk. In 1785, he was appointed Archbishop of Kazan where he served for fifteen years. In 1799, Abp. Amvrosy was appointed Metropolitan of St. Petersburg and presiding hierarch of the Apostolic Governing Synod, positions he held until his repose. During this period his hierarchal title changed as the size of the eparchy was modified. He served initially as Metropolitan of St. Petersburg, Estonia and Vyborg in 1799. Then, from 1800 to 1803, he was Metropolitan of Novgorod, St. Petersburg, Estonia and Vyborg, and finally from 1803 to 1818, he was Metropolitan of Novgorod, St Petersburg, Estonia and Finland.

In addition to his preaching and pursuit of better moral and educational standards for the clergy, Metr. Amvrosy initiated, in 1809, a reorganization of the theological schools of the eparchy. In 1814, he caused the development of new regulations for the theological academies.

When Emperor Napoleon invaded Russia in 1812, Metr. Amvrosy inspired the people of the Eparchy of St. Petersburg to support the defense of Russia, speaking and delivering many sermons in the churches of St. Petersburg.

Metr. Amvrosy reposed in 1818.

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Ambrose (Podobedov) of St. Petersburg
Preceded by:
Cyril (Florinsky)
Bishop of Sevsk and Bryansk
Succeeded by:
Damaskin (Rudnev)
Preceded by:
Anthony I (Zybelin)
Archbishop of Kazan
Succeeded by:
Serapion (Alexandrovsky)
Preceded by:
Gavriil (Petrov-Shaposhnikov)
Metropolitan of St.Petersburg
Succeeded by:
Miсhael (Desnitsky)
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