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The '''Ambon''' (Amvon, or Ambo), in an Orthodox church building, is the space immediately in front of the [[Royal Doors]].  It is the place where the [[Gospel]] is normally read and the [[sermon]] is given.  In many churches, the ambo has one or more curved steps between it and the lower part of the [[nave]].  The entire elevated place in front of the [[Iconostasis]] is called the [[solea]]. 
==Holy space==
Even though it is part of the nave, the Orthodox faithful laity are careful not to casually stand on the Ambon.  They only stand there to receive the [[Holy Mysteries]].  If they need to walk from one side of the soleas to the other, they step down from soleas, rather than walking across the Ambon.
==Episcopal ambo==
In a [[cathedral]] there is usually a low platform in the center of the nave called the '''episcopal ambo''' or sometimes the Kathedra. This is where the [[bishop]] is vested prior to the [[Divine Liturgy]] and where he is enthroned until the [[Little Entrance]]. If the bishop is serving in a simple parish church, an episcopal ambo is set temporarily in place.
==Ambo table==
In some simple parish churches, when the episcopal ambo is not in place, an ambo table may be in the center of the nave.  Other churches may just have a simple [[icon]] stand there.
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