Alexander Nikolaevich Golitsyn

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Prince Alexander Nikolaevich Golitsyn was a Russian statesman and Ober-Procurator from 1803 to 1817 of the Apostolic Governing Synod, the government governing agency overseeing the Church of Russia.


Prince Alexander Nikolaevich Golitsyn was born in 1773 and upon obtaining adulthood became active in the state affairs of Imperial Russia. In 1803, he was appointed Ober Procurator and remained in that office until 1817. In 1817, he was appointed Minister of Religious Affairs and People's Education in the government of Tsar Alexander I, serving until 1824. In the ministry of education, Prince Alexander Nikolaevich followed a conservative, if not a reactionary, agenda. He served as Chairman of the State Council from 1838 to 1841.

In 1806, Prince Alexander Nikolaevich became an active member of the Russian Academy. In 1813, he was named President of the Biblical Society, holding that position until 1824. In 1826, he became an honorary member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Science.

From 1812, Prince Alexander Nikolaevich maintained his residence in St.Petersburg at 20 Fontanka River Embankment. He reposed in 1844.

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Alexander Nikolaevich Golitsyn
Preceded by:
Alexander Alexeevich Yakovlev
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Peter S. Meshersky
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