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The '''Agnoetai''' (Greek, literally "ignoranceists") were 6th century [[heresy|heretics]] who followed the teachings of the Alexandrian teacher Themistios, who was [[anathema]]tized by Pope [[Eulogius I of Alexandria]] for teaching that [[Christ]] suffered ignorance.
Pope (of Rome) St. [[Gregory the Great]] confirmed the condemnation in his letter of August in 600 A.D. to Eulogius entitled ''Sicut aqua'', in which he associates the teaching of Themistios with [[Nestorianism]]:  "Anyone who is not a Nestorian cannot in any way be an Agnoete.  For whoever confesses that the very Wisdom of God became incarnate, in what sense can he say there is anything that the Divine Wisdom does not know?"
*''The Blackwell Dictionary of Eastern Christianity'', p. 9

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