Aerial Toll-Houses

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The theory of Aerial Toll-Houses regards the soul's journey after its departure from the body.

Dn. Andrew Werbiansky summarizes the theory (described in Fr. Seraphim Rose's book The Soul After Death) as follows: "following a person's death the soul leaves the body and is escorted to God by angels. During this journey the soul passes through an aerial realm which is ruled by demons. The soul encounters these demons at various points referred to as "toll-houses" where the demons then attempt to accuse it of sin and, if possible, drag the soul into hell."[1]


There is controversy regarding the validity of this theory within the Orthodox Church. Many opponents of this theory, which include Archbishop Lazar (Puhalo) of Ottawa, describe it as gnostic.

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  1. Death and the Toll House Contraversy by Deacon Andrew Werbiansky

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