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This page should serve as a reference for abbreviations relevant to the Orthodox Church.


Many clerical and lay titles are often abbreviated.


In icons, many names and titles are abbreviated. This is often acknowledged with an elision marker (like a tilde) placed above the letters. Most often, the first and last letters of the word or name are retained.


  • IC or ΙΣ - Jesus from the Greek Ιησους
  • XC or ΧΣ - Christ from the Greek Χριστος

The Theotokos

  • MP or MHP - Mother from the Greek Μητηρ, part of the phrase Mother of God
  • ΘΥ - of God from the Greek Θεου, part of the phrase Mother of God

The Saints

  • ΑΓ - Holy or Saint from the Greek Αγιος
  • Sf. - Sfânt (Romanian for saint)
  • St. - Saint (plural: Sts. or Ss.)

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