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I am from the Midwest USA (Nebraska and Missouri) and lived in Japan for some time before coming to New Zealand about 5 years ago. Thomas Simmons 01:55 11 March, 2007 (EPT)

Born in Kearny Nebraska, and lived about 30 years in the Kansas City area. I went to Southwest High School in Kansas City (alumni include Robert Altman (director of Mash, Gosford Park etc. and won a few Oscars), Richard Smalley (scientist, discovered buckminsterfullerene and got the Nobel in Chemistry in 1996) and Chris Cooper (actor, Oscar in 2003).

Degrees include

  • B.A. in elementary education (University of Missouri-Kansas City, 1978)
  • Doctor of Chiropractc (Cleveland Chiropractic College, Kansas City, 1986)
  • M.Sc. Applied Linguistics (Aston University, Birmingham England 1994)

Taught in Japan for 16 years, briefly in New Zealand where I now live. I was an executive director of a large non-profit for language teachers in Japan (Japan Assoc. for Language Teaching) and served on the executive of a number of small unions in the Tokyo and Yokohama Prefectures. Baptised and Chrismated into Orthodox Church at St. Mary of Egypt in Kansas City and Chrismated again into the Serbian Orthodox church some time later (due to jurisdictional turmoil which has since been sorted out). Try to spend as much time as I can in Georgia (Sakartvelo) with the clergy there. I am an editor for the Citizendium (articles include Hemochromatosis, Autism, Eastern Orthodox Church, Nicene Creed) and have pretty much given up on Wikipedia.

I am in the Estern Pacific Time zone so the times noted here are always 12 hours behind my actual time. Thomas Simmons 19:31, April 2, 2007 (PDT)