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I am a reader in the Coptic Orthodox Church, ordained by Bishop Moosa (Moses) the Bishop of Youth in 1992 in Cairo Egypt. I have served in local Orthodox churches in Egypt and New York. I have also been serving in the local Armenian Apostolic Church in Central New York as the Proto-Altar server since 2008. I am organizing an ecumenical liturgy among the Armenian, Coptic, Syriac, Ethiopian, Eritrean, and Indian Orthodox Churches in Central New York. I will be happy to furnish proofs of my service and identity upon request.

I am championing the cause of disseminating the biographies of the unknown/forgotten Coptic saints and martyrs, unknown and forgotten even in their native country of Egypt! One of them is especially St. Abaskhyron of Qalleen, who worked many miracles with me. He was martyred before the sad schism of Chalcedony. Another one is St Bagoash, who was also martyred before before that schism. The world deserves to know such martyrs to get their blessings!

I am looking forward to enrich and be enriched by OrthodoxWiki.

In Christ

Michael Shenouda