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This Evangelic utterance suits absolutely in the character, the personality, the activity and the effectiveness with which they were distinguished ali'stoy memory Oecumenical Patriarch Dimitrios the A. In any'popto time and in one night, unforgettable, from Metropolite Imbros and Tenedos found in the patrjarhjko' Throne, without him he even seeks, without him it even thinks and without still him it even knows, beforehand, as he would be supposed. When the development of things went to impasse, the litted up forms of Metropolites, that had the weight of widowhood of Oecumenical Throne, with the fw'tjsi and Saint Spirit, apefa'sjsan they elect the from Imbros and Tenedos Dimitrios in the Patrjarhjko' Throne.

Soft in harahti'ra, bland and pra'os in the aspect, calm and modest Dimitrios selects it to an end brings a big work in difficult days, where the fellow countrymen of Istamboul, under difficult situations, abandon swrido'n gene'tejra' their with uncertain the return. Hear the Symbol of Faith from the voice of unforgettable Patriarch Dimitrios of A. Under these conditions, Dimitrios learned his election the last moment, as lightning en ajcrj'a, and elected itself as the head of Prwtocro'noy of Orthodoxe Eastern Church, without no objective. On the contrary, apopoji'cike this high price that him they made with teardrops. The eysevi's obedience, the humiliation and his fear to the God bent his resistance and finally accepted the martyrjko' rank of Prokacime'noy of Oecumenical Throne. And all these still the season where the djorco'doxes relations should from simple communication have developed in constant collaboration.

The Oecumenical Patriarch Dimitrios Papado'poylos was given birth on 8 September 1914 in the suburb of Bosporus, the Carapeja', from Panagiotis and the Peace Papadopoy'loy. The first letters him it afterwards learns in the municipal faculty of community of Treatments and continues in the Galloellinjko' Lyceum of Milkman. Year 1931 enters in the Holily Theological Faculty of Ha'lkis, from which apofojtej' 1937, after it submits the thesis on ptyhj'w "the Resurrection of Gentleman and aj at this objections". On 25 April 1937, Sunday of Vaj'!wn, hejrotonej'taj deacon from the Bishop Nazjanzoy' Fjlo'ceo, in the holy Temple of Brigadiers of Big Current, in order to it serves in this community. However from October 1937 up to August 1938 it serves as secretary and preacher of Mitropo'lews Edessa, under the Metropolite Pantelei'mona. Then it returns in Istamboul and serves as deacon in the Temple of Saints Konstantinos and Helen in the Ybwmaceja', until April 1939. From May 1939 up to 29 March 1942 it serves as deacon in the Temple of Twelve Apostles in the Ferj'kjoj!. From 29 March 1942, when also hejrotonej'taj elder again from the Bishop Nazjanzoy' Fjlo'ceo, it serves the community as priest, until June 1945.

From July 1945 and for five years is named head of Greek Orthodoxe Community Teheran in the Persia. At the same time, it teaches the ancient Greek language, for one year, in the University of Teheran. In 1950, it comes back in Istamboul, in order to it undertakes once again his jeratjka' duties in the community of Twelve Apostles, in the Ferj'kjoj!, up to 1964. All this period of 14 years teaches also in the urban faculty of community the course of religious. 23 July 1964, it is elected by the Holily Session of Oecumenical Patriarchate Assistant Bishop of Archdiocese Istamboul for the region Tataoy'lwn - Pjkrjdj'oy, under the title of Bishop Elaj'as. His ordination became on 9 August 1964, in the Temple of Saint Dimitrios Tataoy'lwn from the Metropolites Iljoypo'lews and Cej'rwn Melj'twna, Rodopo'lews Jerw'nymo and Mjli'toy Ajmjljano'. Remarkable is the make that three months before his election as Metropolite Imbros and Tenedos, 15 February 1972, circulated the fame that all the Bishops of Throne will be promoted in Metropolites.

This decision is cancelled the last moment, while in the himself however meeting of Holy Session are carried out twelve promotions in Metropolites, from which three concern the Patrjarhjka' Offices and remainder the foundation of European Mitropo'lewn of Oecumenical Throne. But the Divine Providence intended the Bishop Elaj'as for the high rank of Oecumenical Patriarch. Thus in small time interval the Bishop receives his promotion in Metropolite Imbros and Tenedos from the Holily Session. Afterwards the death of aojdj'moy Patriarch Acinago'ra, as prevailing was the Chairman of Endimoy'sis of Session, first him sets Metropolite of Olds Halkido'nos Melj'twn, which had also the majority synodical with his part. Here it will be supposed we are reported little in the election of new Patriarch Dimitrios.

Afterwards the death of Patriarch Acinago'ra, on 12 July 1972, a three-member delegation of archpriests, which constituted the Metropolites De'rkwn Ja'kwvos, Rodopo'lews Jerw'nymos and My'rwn Hryso'stomos, visit the Prefect of City x. Vefa' Poj!ra'z, in order to to him she announces the decision of Session to proceed in new election of Patriarch. The delegation however does not remain satisfied, because the Prefect asks list with the candidate Metropolites. Simultaneously, the beginnings insist that it should first is determined the date of funeral of aojdj'moy Acinago'ra and later the date of election of new Patriarch, while the Endimoy'sa Session insists in order that are announced simultaneously also the two dates. Continue various telephone communications, without however no progress. Fovoy'menos the chairman of Endimoy'sis of Session Metropolite of Olds Halkido'nos Mr Melj'twn on the extension of time of funeral, orders as tarjheytej' the ski'nwma Patriarch Acinago'ra, which was found in the Pa'nsepto Patrjarhjko' Temple for popular adoration.

Thus and became the tarj'heysi inside the temple, keklejsme'nwn the doors. 13 July, the same delegation of archpriests gives in the Prefecture the list of candidate Metropolites, which includes all en energy Metropolites of Endimoy'sis of Session. The list is returned inside three days. At the same time, a lot of discussions become round various names of candidates. The alone name that does not take part in these discussions is that of Metropolite Imbros and Tenedos Dimitrios. With the return of list from the Prefecture are realised extinguished the names of hierarches Halkido'nos Melj'twnos, De'rkwn Jakw'voy and Stayroypo'lews Maxj'moy. Thus, the situation is complicated and many of the Metropolites in clue of protest do not accept they place candidature for the supreme rank of Prwtocro'noy of Church of Apostle Andrea. The Endimoy'sa Session is late it works out trjpro'swpo bifode'ltjo. The population inside the grounds of Patrjarhjkoy' of Temple and in in the Temple anypomonej' and distress.

Then is presented the Archimandrite Bartholomeu Arhontw'nis, nyn Oecumenical Patriarch which explains that the lateness is owed in the waiting of arrival of ambassador of Greece from the Anchor. Because intervenes the Greek Government for the lifting of prohibition of name of Metropolite Halkido'nos Melj'twnos. With delay of one hour rolls up the ambassador, without however he brings encouraging messages with regard to the developments. Prevails uncertainty. No one does not know more who will be the candidates. H Session sits once again, and as from marvel prokrj'netaj chosen the God Metropolite Imbros and Tenedos. All agree, with only disagreeing the himself. It wonders, it protests, it requests with teardrops in the eyes. The Divine Grace however has made her election and thus is worked out three-member bifode'ltjo by the Metropolites Ane'wn Nikolaos, Cologne Gavrji'l and Imbros and Tenedos Dimitrios. Finally they begin to descend the archpriests of Endimoy'sis of Session and to direct to the Patrjarhjko' Temple, in order to becomes the election of new Oecumenical Patriarch.

In the end established teletoyrgj'as becomes the voting, according to which is elected the Metropolite Imbros and Tenedos Dimitrios in the Throne of Church Istamboul. The election existed surprise for all and with difficulty became believable. Even when it returned in his house and him asked the brother who finally etnaj the new Patriarch, neither also that him believes, after it was the alone person which never did not think in all this life the rank, but also not seeks other ranks and titles. On the contrary was humble deacon of all. With the help of however Divine Grace it undertook finally the heavy charge of governing of First throne of Orthodoxy. Encro'njsi' his it becomes Tuesday, 18 July 1972, in the Pa'nsepto Patrjarhjko' Temple. The big message reads the Big Prwtonota'rjos Emmanouil Fwtja'dis, the pojmantorjki' bar him offers first him sets Metropolite Halkido'nos Melj'twn, while from the pulpit, the bishop Apollwnja'dos Konstantinos, professor of Holy Theological Faculty of Ha'lkis, agorey'ej and prosfwnej' the new Oecumenical Patriarch.

In the encronjsti'rjo reason to him the neoeklegej's Oecumenical Patriarch Dimitrios says characteristically: "To the name of Patro's and Son and Saint Spirit, en fo'vw of god, amounting tas rung of Agjwta'toy of this of throne, the patience Jw'v perjvallo'meca and that consent anomologoy'men on eyroy'si ima's, minimal en adelfoj's, big ordeal, fibre a'rwmen on the ill imw'n of shoulders the Cross of Gentleman and Church. Ca'mvej djakateho'meca analogjzo'menoj the mystery of economy of God that while oy'de po'rrwcen at intellect etolmi'same'n djalogjscw'men marvel of horrible tojay'tis dimension, exaj'fnis as en syssejsmw', the Spirit the Saint on Matcj'an extended never pyrj'nin This language.

While the all thought and frontj's imw'n perjspa'to perj' the ministration of most beloved imw'n en J'mvrw and Tene'dw of flock, aprosde'ktws came to ima's the call fibre a'rwmen the Cross of Gentleman. The Gentleman ezi'tej Kyrinaj'on. The Church ezi'tej Kyrjnaj'on. Imej's personally neither the courage neither the stature of ej'homen self-sacrifice. Prosefe'rcimen spontaneous fibre gj'nwmen Kyrinaj'os. Voice from e'ndon the Cysjastirj'oy, voice from e'ndon the history, voice tragic from perj' ima's, voice of Gentleman ege'neto to ima's. Imej's efy'gamen, parekale'samen, jketey'samen, awareness of complete having on the one hand men his huge Cross, on the other hand imw'n anaxjo'titos and illness.

So that it was rescued genuine the Church belief to no-one logjzo'menoj ima's eaytoy's, but everything via Agj'an imw'n Church, paredo'cimen olotelw's tw Kyrj'w and tw Pney'matj tw Agj'w. And jdoy' imej's front ymw'n, kacarw' tw logjsmw', clean the heart, clean proce'sej, proskynoy'men firstly the en Trja'dj God of Fathers imw'n... ". From these reasons understands no one the humility that possessed in all the life the new Patriarch, but also the difficulties finally that frame the life of Patriarchate. There in Istamboul, in the Lantern, the soul of persons is equipped not only with a hope for the life but also with the decision to be subjugated and they succumb in the difficulties, on the contrary they fight with heroism, until clarifies one day the horizon and the adventures to become more ypoferte's.