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I grew up without religion &, in my ignorance & lack of knowledge, rejected the very concept of God. But about two years ago, tragedy struck & I was hospitalized with the doctor losing faith of my survival. But my illness took a turn & I recovered much faster than expected. I can't deny that modern medicine was one of the reasons I survived, but I know there is another force at work & my trust in the science of man staggered immensely. A short time after my stay in the hospital I met two of my best friends, whom both are from Ethiopia & followers of the Orthodox Tewahedo. My friends introduced me to the Orthodox Church & their parents would continue to enlightened me of the True Faith. I am of Celtic origin, hailing from Brittany(in northwestern France) whom before the Roman Catholic was founded followed the Orthodox faith through a church called The Celtic Orthodox Church. Orthodoxy is both my heritage & what I have come to realize is the undisputed Truth about the word of Jesus Christ, our Lord & Saviour. This winter, I will be visiting my friends in Ethiopia, where I hope to be baptized in the light of the Father, the Son & the Holy Ghost. But I live in a harsh enviroment for those who seek the word of God. Sweden, where I currently reside, culturally has started to condemn religion & ridicule those who are not so ignorant as to believe that this world is of no greater purpose or meaning. Which is why I wish to take part of this Orthodox community, where I can learn about the long tradition & righteous faith that is Orthodoxy. I simply wish to improve my life & walk in the light of God. For I know it is the only way to obtain knowledge of the Truth.