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Hello, I am Mr. Dimitrious' Anthony Mylonas grandaughter and I am writing to you from Greece. Between the years 1920 (?) 1949 (?) my grandfather was President in the Greek Communtiy in Sydney, Australia. As President he helped in many ways the Greek immigrants also the poor and indisposed through the Great Depression. In the year 1937, Dimitrious was awarded with a gold decoration by the Hellenic King, King George II. (I have in my possesion a photo of my grandfather together with Greece's Consulate General Mr. Λεωνίδας Χρυσανθόπουλος = "Γιορτή Ανεξαρτησίας τού Καστελόριζο" plus many, many other black and white photo's. I would very much appreciate if you can guide me as I am looking to find old newspaper articles concerning my grandfather from Sydney's oldest newpaper Vema. Thanking you very kindly, awaiting for your reply, Yours sincerly, Mrs. Andy Millionis.