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On all Timeline articles:

  • Entries should be simple and brief and read like newspaper headlines (e.g., Death of John Chrysostom, not Death of Saint John Chrysostom, native of Antioch and Archbishop of Constantinople, Great Preacher and Compiler of Divine Liturgy, renowned for numerous sermons and letters).
  • Use the historical present tense (e.g., First persecution begins, not First persecution began).
  • There should be no citations or commentary included in entries. Place that sort of material in articles which can be linked to from the timeline.
  • External links contained in entries (e.g., to Wikipedia) should only be included if doing so would significantly illuminate the meaning of the entry. (The idea is not to link nearly every possible word, but only those which have significant meaning to the history of Orthodoxy.)
  • External links should only be used if an article on the subject being linked would be inappropriate for OrthodoxWiki. Otherwise, link the words in question to existing or not-yet-existing OW articles.



I have found the following journal, and was wondering if it would be appropriate to list as a published source in this article:

The journal is described as "an international forum for the academic discussion of Jesus within the context of first-century Palestine". Perhaps it may be worthwhile to list a source such as this if only to keep up with what is currently being written; on the other hand, its overly academic focus may not be appropriate for OW. Just an idea I wanted to toss out there.
Eventually, I would like to see completed a select list of specialized and general sources, (simply a brief list of important sources), added to each of the Main "Timeline of Church History" articles, specific to the period in question. Cheers, Angellight 888 02:36, July 6, 2009 (UTC)