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Alaska seems to have a lot of OCA parishes. In looking over their listings a number of parishes lacked contacts or a priest. I assume some of these parishes are only serviced when possible. It was also evident that a few priests were serving several different parishes. The next step seems to be to find out which parishes those are, which parishes are still active, etc. I have also noticed that those more familiar with a state (e.g. Magda with Texas) can break up these many towns/cities into broader categories. I'm sure this is what this article needs as well. Joe 30 Nov 2005

Hi Joe, I would say that all of the parishes are probably "active" in some way, even if that means a priest visits once a year. I think there's something like 80 parishes and 30 priests. They fly around a lot. But, yep, it would be great to have someone who is more familiar with the situation to pitch in. Fr. John

Searching for cities/towns

These were some of the harder locations to pinpoint. A number of the town were listed on the OCA as one name, but were actually known by other names. I think some of them maybe local names. They were harder to find on Google Maps. When in doubt I Googled the name and looked for zip codes. I then looked for cities listed with that zip code.


  • Belkofsky appears to be really spelled as Belkofski
  • Kokhonak could be confused with Kokhanok (other side of Lake)
  • Nondolton appears to be really spelled as Nondalton

Hard to find

  • Atmartluaq seems to be a part of Aniak
  • Eklutna Village seems to be part of Chugiak
  • Ekuk seems to be a part of Dillingham
  • Iguigig: aka King Salmon or part of King Salmon community
  • Lime Village seems to be a part of McGrath
  • Nanwalek was known as English Bay
  • Newhalen seems to be a part of Iliamna
  • Ohagamiut
  • Pitka's Point
  • Portage Creek is aka Ohgsenakale
  • Spruce Island is not listed, but Ouzinkie is
  • St. Paul Island shows up as St. George on Google Maps
  • Telida and Nikolai and McGrath all seem to be close, but are in the Anchorage deanery. weird.
  • Tuntutuliak seems to be part of Bethel

These sites were also helpful in pinpointing locations:

Joe 4 Dec 2005


Doesn't this seem like a few too many headers? If there is going to be only one listing under a header, it would seem better to group them a bit. —Fr. Andrew talk contribs (THINK!) 23:13, December 1, 2005 (CST)

Do we need to put the particular OCA Deaneries in? Also, there are some links to the OCA directory which have virtually no information... [5] I think I'm biased against linking to the directories (in general for all the state articles) in favor of having only the links to the parish websites. —magda (talk) 08:21, December 2, 2005 (CST)

Hahaha. I knew I could depend on you two to give me your opinions. In response to Dcn. Andrew: Yes, I am in the process of grouping by boroughs and will eventually remove the SW, SE, etc. designations. Have a look back then. In response to Magda: I was trying the deaneries as an option. Easily removed or changed, but in my opinion, good to know nonetheless. Yes, I knew I was going to get some feedback for listing the OCA's parish pages, but this makes it so handy if the information needs to be checked. Again, a matter of personal preference. Seeing as this is more of a directory kind of article (not really encyclopedic) I figured why not give it a shot. Let me know your thoughts.