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Job's Ancestory

Technically, the claim that Job is an ancestor of Esau is a derivation from the pseudepigraphal "Testament of Job". I am not clear if the TJ is indeed literature that the orthodox church accepts as "historical" accuracy or if the OC has the point of view that the TJ is indeed to be disregarded as a source of viable information; hence one can not say with certainty that Job is from Arabi, a decendant of Esau and lived 2,000 years before Christ.

The concern I have is that there is a newer academic interpretation (based on Syrio-Arabic legends) that more easily convince you that Job is infact Tobias and a decendant from the line of Nepthali ... the theoretical parallels drawn are far more tangible than the TJ so I am wondering, given that there are two different academical points of view can we state so matter of fact on an Orthodox site that his origins are that of Esau? Vasiliki 05:48, March 20, 2009 (UTC)