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I've just read this on ROCOR's news page: "On February 21, the Synod of Bishops (ROCOR) examined the latest letter received from Metropolitan Cyprian of Oropos and Fili and the Holy Synod of Resistance, in which it was declared that their Synod fully and decisively ceased all ecclesiastical communion with the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia. According to this letter, last year the name of His Eminence Metropolitan Laurus was "struck from the diptych." As a result, the Synod of Bishops decreed to recognize as sundered our communion with the Synod of the Resistance under Metropolitan Cyprian, which will be reported to the Heads of the Old-calendar Churches of Rumania and Bulgaria by a clerical emissary of the Russian Church Abroad."

I made an appropriate change to the article. —Fr. Andrew talk contribs (THINK!) 13:21, February 24, 2006 (CST)