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Matrona of Moscow

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[[Image:Matrona Moskovskaya.jpg|right|thumb|<center>St. Matrona of Moscow<br>(Blessed Matronushka)</center>]]
'''Matrona Dmitrievna Nikonova,''' (Russian: Блаженная Матрона Московская) the Blessed Elder of Moscow, (1885 - April 19, 1952), is a renowned saint of the [[Church of Russia|Russian Orthodox Church]]who had the gift of spiritual vision and the gift of healing from early childhood. Her [[feast day]] is commemorated by the Church on [[April 19]] / [[May 2]].
The great Russian Saint St. [[John of Kronstadt]], upon discerning the 14-year old Matrona among a crowd of pilgrims that had come to see him, asked everyone to step aside and let the girl come through and approach him. As she walked towards him, he exclaimed: ''“Here is my successor, the eighth pillar of Russia.”'' To this day no one can explain the significance of that phrase spoken by him. However, the fact that Saint John of Kronstadt, known for his gift of spiritual foresight, singled Matrona out in the crowd, and sought to converse with her, testifies to his having recognized the Holy seal on her.
==Early life==

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