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Isaiah (Kykkotis) of Tamassos

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Archim. Isaias was active as a representative of the Monastery of Kykkos. He participated in many theological, cultural, and humanitarian conferences in Cyprus and abroad as a member of the "World Movement of Religions and Cultures." He also participated in programs in the United States of America on the role of the Church in a modern multicultural society. Serving under Bishop Nikiforos, Isaias supervised, for Kykkos Monastery, the Department of Direct Granting of Humanitarian Help and Spiritual Support of the disabled. This involved visiting and organizing help programs in countries that were affected by wars, hunger, or disasters. Archim. Isaias also served with the blessing of Abp. Chrysostomos I as confessor of non-Cyprian Orthodox prisoners in the Central Prisons.
After election by the [[clergy]] and people on [[June 9]], 2007, Archim. Isaias was [[consecration of bishop|consecrated ]] and [[enthronement|enthroned]] Metropolitan of Tamassos and Orinis on [[June 11]], 2007.
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