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Coptic Orthodox Church in Asia

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Coptic Orthodox Church in Japan
This wide area comes under the Diocese of Sydney, New South Wales, Queensland, Northern Territory and All East Asia whose [[Hierarch]] is His Grace Daniel, Bishop of the Holy Diocese of Sydney, New South Wales, Queensland, Northern Territory, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan and All East Asia.
==[[Coptic Orthodox Church in Japan]]==
Japan falls under the [[Coptic]] [[jurisdiction]] served by H.G. Bishop Daniel of Sydney and affiliated regions since 2002 [].
Father Thomas Kanazaki (Japanese born Coptic [[priest]]) has been appointed to be the first serving Coptic priest in Japan, serving St. [[Saint George|George]] Coptic Orthodox [[Church]], Japan, the first [[altar]] for the Coptic Orthodox Church in this country. There is a [ Coptic Orthodox Japan Network] set up in order to connect members of the Coptic Orthodox Church of Japan.
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