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Current bishops: Deleted Bishop Mark Maymon as he is no longer a Antiochian Bishop. Updated Bp. Thomas' locum tenens.
*Right Reverend [[Antoun (Khouri) of Miami|Antoun (Khouri)]], Bishop of Miami
*Right Reverend [[Joseph (Al-Zehlaoui) of Los Angeles|Joseph (Al-Zehlaoui)]], Bishop of Los Angeles
*Right Reverend [[Basil (Essey) of Wichita|Basil (Essey)]], Bishop of Wichitaand Mid-America*Right Reverend [[Thomas (Joseph) of Charleston and Oakland|Thomas (Joseph)]], Bishop of Charleston/Oakland *Right Reverend , ''[[Mark (Maymon) of Toledo|Mark (Maymon)Locum Tenens]], Bishop '' of the Diocese of Toledo and the Midwest
*Right Reverend [[Alexander (Mufarrij) of Ottawa|Alexander (Mufarrij)]], Bishop of Ottawa

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