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St. Nicholas Cathedral (Washington, D.C.)

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[[Image:St Nicholas Wash DC1.jpg|right|250px|thumb|St Nicholas Cathedral - Washington, DC]]
'''St. Nicholas Cathedral (Washington, D.C.)''' is the primatial [[cathedral]] of His Beatitude [[Jonah (Paffhausen) of Washington and New York|Jonah]], [[Archbishop]] of Washington, [[Metropolitan]] of All America and Canada of the [[Orthodox Church in America]]. The Very Rev. Constantine White Joseph Fester has served as the dean of the cathedral since 1998, succeeding March 2011. Predecessors include the Very Rev. Constantine White and the Very Rev. [[Dmitry Grigorieff]].  
== General information and history ==
[[Image:St Nick DC Altar.jpg|right|200px|thumb|Iconostasis and altar of St Nicholas Cathedral]]
The original [[parish]] was founded in 1930 as the Russian Orthodox Church of Saint Nicholas. The liturgical life of the parish was held in various "house" [[church]]es houses until it could purchase its own property. In 1949 the purchaseSynod of Bishops of the then-Metropolia, named the parish to be the National War Memorial Shrine. This led to a national campaign to erect a monumental church in the capital of the United States. In 1951, of the property upon which the current cathedral standswas purchased. The substructure (basement) of the cathedral was completed in 1954 and was used for church services until the superstructure was completed in late 1962. In 1988 a bell tower was erected, commemorating the millennium of Christianity in Russia.
== Architecture and iconography ==
== Location ==
The cathedral is located at 3500 Massachusetts Ave NW at the corner of Edmund Street, in the District of Columbia.  
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